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June 19th 2007

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June 19 2007

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June 19th, 2007 (June 19 2007)DeathEl Fary, Spanish singer (born in 1937)
June 19th, 2007 (June 19 2007)DeathTerry Hoeppner, American football coach (born in 1947)
June 19th, 2007 (June 19 2007)DeathAntonio Aguilar, Mexican singer and actor (born in 1919)
June 19th, 2007 (June 19 2007)DeathZe ev Schiff, Israeli journalist (born in 1932)
June 19th, 1997 (June 19 1997)DeathOlga Georges-Picot, French actress (born in 1944)
June 19th, 1997 (June 19 1997)DeathBobby Helms, American singer (born in 1933)
June 19th, 1987 (June 19 1987)EventThe ETA commits one of its most violent attacks, in which a bomb is set off in a supermarket, Hipercor, killing 21 and injuring 45.
June 19th, 1987 (June 19 1987)BirthRashard Mendenhall, American football player
June 19th, 1987 (June 19 1987)DeathTeresa Cormack, New Zealand murder victim (born in 1981)
June 19th, 1977 (June 19 1977)BirthPeter Warrick, American football player
June 19th, 1977 (June 19 1977)BirthVeronika Varekova, Czech supermodel
June 19th, 1977 (June 19 1977)DeathAli Shariati, Iranian sociologist (born in 1933)
June 19th, 1977 (June 19 1977)DeathLady Olave Baden-Powell, English founder of the Girl Guide (born in 1889)
June 19th, 1967 (June 19 1967)BirthBjorn D?hlie, Norwegian skier
June 19th, 1967 (June 19 1967)BirthMia Sara, American actress
June 19th, 1957 (June 19 1957)BirthAnna Lindh, Swedish politician (died in 2003)
June 19th, 1947 (June 19 1947)BirthPaula Koivuniemi, Finnish singer
June 19th, 1947 (June 19 1947)BirthSalman Rushdie, Indian author
June 19th, 1937 (June 19 1937)DeathJ. M. Barrie, Scottish author (born in 1860)J. M. Barrie Quotes
June 19th, 1917 (June 19 1917)BirthJoshua Nkomo, Vice President of Zimbabwe (died in 1999)
June 19th, 1907 (June 19 1907)BirthClarence Wiseman, 10th General of The Salvation Army (died in 1985)
June 19th, 1897 (June 19 1897)BirthCyril Norman Hinshelwood, English chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1967)
June 19th, 1897 (June 19 1897)BirthMoe Howard, American actor (died in 1975)
June 19th, 1877 (June 19 1877)BirthCharles Coburn, American actor (died in 1961)
June 19th, 1867 (June 19 1867)EventMaximilian I of the Mexican Empire is executed by a firing squad in Queretaro, Queretaro.
June 19th, 1867 (June 19 1867)DeathMaximilian I, Mexican Emperor (born in 1832)
June 19th, 1807 (June 19 1807)EventAdmiral Dmitry Senyavin destroys the Ottoman fleet in the Battle of Athos.
June 19th, 1747 (June 19 1747)DeathAlessandro Marcello, Italian composer (born in 1669)
June 19th, 1717 (June 19 1717)BirthJohann Stamitz, Czech violinist and composer (died in 1757)
June 19th, 1507 (June 19 1507)BirthAnnibale Caro, Italian poet (died in 1566)

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